J.H.O. Paulusz



He was appointed as an Assistant Government Archivist in 1928, and in 1940 he was appointed as the Government Archivist and Record Keeper. From July 1948 to September 1949, he was on duty at the Public Record Office, London. He completed his education at Oxford University and at The Hague, where he received his archival training. Due to the risk of war during the Second World War, documents were temporarily moved to a building located in Nuwara Eliya in 1942. A significant administrative change during this era was the establishment of a separate department called the Government Archivist’s Department in 1947. The Government of Ceylon then accepted all the documents under the control of the British Secretary General. In addition to the preservation of state documents, he was keen to contact the registration office for all collections of books, newspapers, and magazines printed on the island. He carried out the task of translating and editing the confidential notes of the 17th-century Dutch political documents for the Government of Ceylon.

Department of National Archives Sri Lanka

Department of
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