E. Reimers



E. Rimers, a Britisher, was appointed as the Government Archivist and Librarian on 01.07.1921 and he was confirmed in this appointment on 01.10.1921 of the same year. In addition to his duties, he was appointed as the Government Keeper on 07.07.1931. In recognition of his researches among the Dutch records in the Archives and in Holland, and the publication of official documents of the Dutch regime translated and edited by him, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands had appointed Mr. E. Rimers, retired Govt. Archivist, as an Officer in the Royal Order of Orange Nassau. Mr. Rimers has been a regular contributor in the “Daily News” on matters of historical interest to Ceylon including authentic reports of the Dutch mission to Kandy and a Kandyan embassy to Batavia. He has also read papers before the Royal Asiatic Society on Feudalism in Ceylon, Some Sinhalese Names and Surnames, Rajasingha II and his British Captives, and Colonial Dutch Furniture.

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