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The Irrigation Department was established in 1900. (Irrigation department commenced its separate duties on the 15th May 1900. A.R.Director Irrigation- 1900). Earlier it was attached to the Public Works Department Sessional papers No 6 of 1898 and No. 27 of 1906 were pertaining to the Irrigation Department.

Department has undertaken the following functions. Preparation of master plan for development of the different water basins for the optimum utilisation of lands and water resources, project formulation and detail designs of major Irrigation Hydro Power, flood control and reclamation projects, construction of major irrigation and settlement projects for the conservation division and distribution of water for the cultivation of irrigable lands, incorporation of Hydropower as far as possible in the construction of settlement projects to enhance the electrical energy resources. Construction of drainage, flood protection and salt water exclusion. Projects for the protection of cultivable lands and rendering them suitable for cultivation purposes conultancy services in the field of water resources development to government departments statuary boards, corporations public and private institutions and individuals.
Department functioned under the aegis of the ministry of Agriculture and lands from 1936-1952. Thereafter under The Ministry of Lands and Land Development until 1953-1958. In the years 1959-1960 functioned under the ministry of Agriculture and lands. Between 1961-1970 under the Ministry of Irrigation and Power. Under the Ministry of Irrigation Power and Highways until 1978. In the years 1929-1981 under the Ministry of Lands and Land development. Between 1981-1988 department functioned under the Ministry of Lands, Land Development and Mahaweli. In 1988-1991 under the Ministry of Land Irrigation and Mahawali development.

TYPE OF RECORDS; Manuscripts, Printed and Typed
LANGUAGE: Sinhala, Tamil and English

CONTENT DESCRIPTION: Diary, Divisional Irrigation Engineer, Western Province (1948) D.F.S. Inspection reports (1910-1911) ordinances (1918-1948) Office organisation (1920-1931) Examinations (1930-1948), Appointment (1943-1950), Recruitment (1935-1948), major irrigation works (1891-1949), Irrigation schemes (1913-1951), Investigations (1900-1927), Inspection and Investigation of schemes ( 1908-1948), Progress reports and schemes ( 1937-1945), DI’S Inspection Notes (1901-1954), Programme of works (1896-1941), works arrangement (1910-1951), Channels (1903-1951), Anicuts (1901), Tank Bunds (1932-1948), Specification (1905-1906), Specification of Rates (1884-1958), Major Irrigation Works (1891-1949), Maintenance (1931-1949), Repairs (1931-1949), Drainage (1929-1948), Restoration (1932-1949), Water Supply Schemes (1902-1948), Surveys (1922-1947), Jungle clearing (1944-45), Flood protection (1928-1949), Cultivation (1921-1948), Contracts and agreements (1948-1949), Anti-Malaria Measures (1938-1939), Irrigation facilities (1931-1948), Construction works (1930-1949), Reservations (1941-1949), Administration Reports (1907-1991).



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